BG Networks Presents at the IoT Device Security Conference

By Colin Duggan |


The goal of the IoT Device Security Conference is to help companies undergoing digital transformation accelerate their time to security. Twelve sessions on IoT cybersecurity were presented addressing applications ranging from Automotive to Consumer to Industrial.

BG Networks' presentation is available on demand and is titled Using Open Source to Secure Your IoT OS

Securing an embedded OS is an important topic because over 80% of IoT devices ship without authentication or encryption. When hackers find one of these devices, the consequences can be catastrophic. To address these risks, this presentation will explain authentication and encryption features needed to secure operating systems for IoT devices. Approaches to securely manage secret keys needed for authentication and encryption, keeping in mind high volume manufacturing, will be outlined. An example, available as open source, will be shown based on Linux using security features in an NXP processor.

For access to the open source code featured in this talk see the BG Networks meta-bgn-essa repository on GitHub.