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Automation for R155 and ISO/SAE 21434 Compliance
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Automation Software Tools & Services for Automotive


Automated validation, vulnerability, and pentesting platform that cuts testing costs in half  



Machine Learning intrusion detection & protection (IDPS) technology to detect zero days  



Pentesting & ISO/SAE 21434 compliance services that use automation to enable lowest costs & fastest time to completion 


BG Networks Innovations

BG Networks looks to solve very difficult security challenges through automation.  Our innovative products have achieved a number of firsts: 

  • First testing platform to allow true remote bug bounties of ECU hardware without the researchers being in the room 
  • First host-based IDPS that is easily scalable from a microcontroller (e.g., ARM M4) to microprocessor (e.g., multicore ARM A72) to enable one IDSP for all your ECUs.  
  • First tool set to automate processor security including secure boot, extension of a hardware root of trust, and secure key storage.  


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Services for ISO/SAE 21434 Compliance

BG Networks use cybersecurity automation tools when providing services to reduce times and costs to complete tasks.

 Services offered: 

  • Cybersecurity workshops & trainings  
  • Gap analysis for ISO/SAE 21434 certification 
  • Threat and Risk Assessments 
  • Development of secure embedded software using our BGN-SAT tools 
  • Pentesting using our CRATE testing platform 

ISO/SAE 21434 Compliance & Testing Services

Remote and Automated Test Platform

BG Networks Collaborative Remote Automated Test Environment (CRATE) addresses the challenge of the significant increase in cybersecurity testing as required by ISO SAE 21434. 

CRATE Offers:

  • Fuzzing automation tools  
  • Bug bounties! First platform to enable remote bug bounties for IoT  
  • Solves limited availability of testers by remote access 
  • Extremely effective for large devices  
  • Designed for ISO/SAE 21434, FDA SPDF, IEC 81001-5-1 
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Platform for Verification, Vulnerability, Penetration Testing

Real Time Intrusion Detection & Protection

BG NetworksAnCyR, is the first machine learning/AI, host-based IDPS and uses a software anomaly detection approach to detect cyber-attacks in real time.   

AnCyR has been optimized around three critical features for IDPS software:  

  • Detects zero-day attacks 
  • Very low false positives that trend to zero with model updates 
  • Scalability from microcontrollers (ARM M class) to microprocessors (multi-core ARM A class) so a single IDPS can be used in all ECUs in a vehicle. 
Anomaly Diagram Anomaly Diagram

AnCyR ML / AI Based IDPS

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