Security Automation Tool

Secure Your IoT Devices in 2 Weeks! Guaranteed!

BGN-SAT Security Automation Tool helps engineers quickly improve security, reduce development time, and take advantage of in-silicon security features. GUI-based tool to define a security profile aligned to your security needs and automatically implement that customized security solution for your devices.

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BGN-SAT Security Automation Tool

Easy to Use

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No cybersecurity experience needed


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Cybersecurity implemented in a matter of hours


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NIST based security done right

BGN-SAT Secures Your Embedded Device


Ensure only your code is run and prevent code injection or modification

Hardware Root of Trust
  • Use hardware-based code that can’t be modified to establish a trusted starting point after reset.
Secure Boot
  • Automatically generate keys, sign binaries, and program device using the hardware root of trust to authenticate firmware on device boot
  • Lock the processor to ensure only authenticated code is executed

Secure Each Device Uniquely

Rapidly generate keys and provision devices during manufacturing

1-Click Secure Deployment in Manufacturing
  • Security profile defined during development enables a seamless handoff from engineering to manufacturing
  • 1-click deployment automatically generates and securely stores per-device keys, signs and encrypts firmware, programs device, and secures interfaces
Key Generation and Management
  • Unique key generation and management for each device


Protect your IP and data from being stolen

  • Protect data and code at rest and in motion using the latest standards-based encryption algorithms.
Secure File System
  • Generate keys and encrypt binaries for bootloader, OS kernel, and filesystem to prevent reverse engineering of your IP and protect confidential data
  • Utilize hardware-based cryptographic accelerators for secure and efficient implementation

Securely Update

Deploy new features and fix security vulnerabilities

Secure OTA firmware updates
  • Enable remotely deploying new firmware to devices in the field
  • Used to prevent untrusted updates

Microprocessor-Based Security Hardening and Using BGN-SAT to Reduce Months of Work to Days