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Automotive and IoT cybersecurity software to effortlessly harden and monitor your devices.


BG Networks' award-winning embedded systems security solutions and services help engineers harden, monitor, and protect products while meeting regulatory compliance throughout the entire lifecycle.



Threat and risk assessment, security training, and regulatory advisement services


BGN-SAT Security Automation Tool makes  security by design easy: secure boot, encryption, hardware based security


Penetration testing and security validation for regulatory compliance, certification, and brand protection


Streamlined handoff from design to production: foolproof provisioning and key management


AnCyR sets the new host-based, real-time intrusion detection standard for accuracy, false positives, and low overhead

Icon for Hardware Root of Trust
Hardware Root of Trust
Icon for Secure Boot
Secure Boot
Icon for Authentication
Icon for Encryption
Icon for Secure Interfaces
Secure Interfaces
Icon for Seamless Handoff to Manufacturing
Seamless Handoff to Manufacturing
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Key Generation and Management
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Real-Time On-Device Monitoring
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AI/ML Training

CRATETM Remote Penetration Testing Platform

Crate6 Crate6

Save Time, Cost, and Improve Security!

  • Securely connect ECUs to penetration testing experts anywhere
  • Integrate penetration testing into CI/CD software development process: Shift Left!
  • Designed for ISO/SAE 21434
  • Automation for repeatable on-demand test suites
  • Connect up to six ECUs simultaneously
  • Flexible test harness designs available
  • Secure VPN connection to CRATE

BGN-SAT Security Automation Tool

BGN ESSA Architecture Stack BGN ESSA Architecture Stack
  • Fully leverage the security features in today's embedded processors
  • Easy to use GUI-based tool
  • Secure Boot, Authentication, Encryption, Interface Security
  • Seamless transition from design to manufacturing with one click provisioning and key management

AnCyRTM Anomaly Detection and Cyber Resilience Host-based IDPS

Attack Detected Diagram02@2x Attack Detected Diagram02@2x
Anomaly Diagram02@2x Anomaly Diagram02@2x
  • Host-based anomaly detection optimized for automotive ECU intrusion detection (IDPS)
  • Sets new standards for real-time detection, accuracy, and low false positives
  • Low latency and overhead optimized for embedded applications
  • Automated training using AI & ML to optimize model accuracy

Embedded Security Consulting

  • Regulatory Compliance Advisement
    • ISO/SAE 21434 and UN R155
  • TARA (Threat Agent Risk Assessment)
  • Penetration Testing
  • Broad embedded cybersecurity support from assessment and development to validation and deployment

Cybersecurity Workshops

  • Hands-on workshops that cover the critical topics of embedded systems and device cybersecurity
  • Address the biggest challenges of implementing IoT cybersecurity
  • No previous cybersecurity experience required
  • Lengths and content customized to your needs



  • Software tools and services supporting ISO/SAE 21434 & UN R155 certification
  • ECU Hardening, Penetration Testing, Real-Time Monitoring, and Compliance Consulting

Medical Devices

Medical device cybersecurity and services for newly mandated FDA submission requirements


Building block cybersecurity for critical infrastructure OT assets to help protect against nation state attacks


Embedded Security Solutions to support NIST 800-171/CMMC