Misson, Strategy, Culture


Our mission is to ensure the right level of cybersecurity is included in all IoT devices.  We will do this by eliminating all barriers (schedule, resource, cost, feature trade-offs) preventing cyber security from being included.  This will result in consumer, healthcare, industrial, and transportation products that are secure. By helping to make IoT devices secure we’ll be contributing to a larger purpose of making the infrastructure of the countries that we live in secure.


Our strategy is to offer cost effective, expert engineering consulting services, code automation tools, and innovative cyber security software that reduces the time and effort our customers spend on developing IoT cyber security by an order of magnitude.


BG Networks has a culture that is hardworking, open, trusting, constantly learning, technical, and offers opportunities to grow.  We embrace working remotely and with our colleagues around the world.  We look to leverage the amazing phenomena of open source and partner with companies that are leaders in their field.  We believe that by achieving our mission, BG Networks will have a significant and positive impact on society.

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