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IoT Cyber Security: Lots of Work to be Done

It is forecasted by IDC that there will be over 40 billion IoT devices deployed by 2025.

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Because all those devices are going to need cyber security, there is lots of work to be done. Those who have both an embedded software and cyber security skill set will be in great demand. In fact we anticipate a growing skill gap. What we mean by skill gap is there will not be enough programmers with the right cyber-skill-set to meet the growing demand. One way that we look to help address this problem is by providing learning opportunities to develop this combination of skills.

Our mission at BG Networks is to remove any barriers preventing embedded connected devices from having the cyber security it needs. We don’t want our customers thinking about trade-offs in their schedules or product features in order to include security. We offer cyber security consulting services and software that makes this decision easy for our customer. That is to include cyber security.

Our Culture

We believe that openness and collaboration are crucial, particularly to a small company’s success. To really help our customers, we need to be willing to work hard, take on difficult challenges, and go the extra mile. We have found that we are the most satisfied in our jobs when we are constantly learning and have opportunities to grow. It is these ideas that BG Network’s culture is built on.

Who We are Looking For

BG Networks is looking for people that understand the importance of cyber security to our society and have a passion for developing software.

We work remotely and our colleagues are located around the world.  We are looking for people who value the freedom that working remotely provides and enjoy working with a group from a diverse set of backgrounds.

We are looking for development engineers who have experience implementing cyber security in software.  Specifically, those who have experience developing software that uses symmetric/asymmetric encryption/decryption, authentication, and key exchange algorithms. Experience with threat and risk analysis processes or intrusion detection software is a plus.

We are also looking for engineers with embedded software development experience.  This includes software for real time and embedded Linux operating systems.  Experience with multiple microprocessor architectures,  drivers for processor interfaces, and embedded network software stacks is a plus.

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We love to talk cyber security.
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