BG Networks Releases Open Source Software For IoT Cybersecurity

BG Networks launches Embedded Security Software Architecture to make it easier to protect IoT devices from cyber-attacks.

[Weston, MA] — BG Networks announced today the availability of their open-source Embedded Security Software Architecture (BGN-ESSA) to enable embedded engineers to deploy more IoT devices with cybersecurity. BGN-ESSA reduces development time and helps create a baseline architecture to add additional security features. 

BGN-ESSA is a collection of Yocto Linux scripts, recipes, and configurations to enhance cybersecurity for IoT devices.  Embedded engineers can use the BGN-ESSA to implement protections on IoT devices by extending a hardware root of trust, digitally signing code, encrypting, and integrating an OTA software update manager. This software makes it much easier to secure Linux applications by checking authenticity, confirming integrity, and protecting sensitive information.

"Cybersecurity can be difficult and time-consuming to implement, especially if an engineer is not well versed in the protocols and requirements," says Colin Duggan, CEO at BG Networks. "Our goal is to make it easy for engineers to implement cybersecurity correctly even if they don't have a background in cybersecurity. BGN-ESSA is one tool that removes the barriers of limited resources and long development times to add cybersecurity to IoT."

Features and benefits of the BGN-ESSA include:

  • Extending the hardware root of trust so only trusted code will boot and run.
  • Encrypting application code and data to protect sensitive information.
  • Integrating a software update manager to fix vulnerabilities discovered in the field.

BGN-ESSA can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with the Security Automation Tool (BGN-SAT) to encrypt and sign your Linux root filesystem. BGN-ESSA is currently available at BG Network’s GitHub repository ( and is available under a GNU Public License version 2.  More information about the BGN-ESSA, and access to a detailed User Guide, can be found at

About BG Networks

BG Networks is an IoT cybersecurity software company. The company develops software automation tools and offers consulting services for embedded engineers to add cybersecurity to IoT devices used in automotive, healthcare, industrial, and consumer applications. Founded in 2020, BG Networks helps make network-connected devices secure in our homes, businesses, and national infrastructure. BG Networks' goal is to make it easy to do cybersecurity right. For more information, visit