BG Networks Joins ABB's SynerLeap Innovation Hub to Bolster Industrial Security

BG Networks, a leading provider of IoT/OT cybersecurity software, is excited to announce its participation in ABB's SynerLeap, a dedicated innovation and growth hub for promising startups. This strategic partnership will connect BG Networks' expertise in embedded security to ABB and its partners to address security challenges faced across sectors that support our critical infrastructure such as industrial automation, robotics, transportation, and energy.
SynerLeap provides a unique platform for members to:
  • Increase visibility: Gain access to key decision-makers within ABB and its extensive network, fostering potential collaborations and business opportunities.
  • Uncover synergies: Identify areas where complementary solutions integrate with ABB's existing ecosystem, optimizing overall security posture.
  • Accelerate growth: Leverage ABB's industry leadership and expertise to expand members’ reach and impact in the global market.
Meeting Critical Infrastructure Security Needs:
In today's increasingly interconnected world, critical infrastructure faces growing threats from cybercriminals and nation-states. BG Networks' embedded security stacks, intrusion detection software, and cyber-test automation solutions offer a robust foundation for securing these vital systems.
"We are honored to be invited to join SynerLeap and contribute to ABB's commitment to cybersecurity excellence," said Colin Duggan, CEO of BG Networks. "Our proven solutions address the specific challenges of securing connected devices, and we are confident that our collaboration will significantly enhance the security posture of ABB and its ecosystem."
EU Cyber Resilience Act – Needed to Secure Critical Infrastructure:
The impending EU Cyber Resilience Act is needed to address the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. BG Networks' deep understanding of IoT/OT will help companies prepare for compliance with the ultimate goal of securing critical infrastructure.

About BG Networks

BG Networks equips embedded engineers, product security professionals, and penetration testers with easy-to-use software automation tools to streamline security tasks including hardening, detection, and testing. BG Networks automation tools are designed to help you adhere to regulations and requirements from NIST, FDA, ISO, SAE, and the EU.