BG Networks Joins DEF CON's Car Hacking Village: Unveiling Remote Vehicle Hacking and Exclusive Block Harbor Collaboration

We're thrilled to announce that BG Networks is set to make waves at this year's DEF CON as a proud sponsor of the Car Hacking Village. From August 10th to 13th, gear up for an electrifying experience as we showcase the future of automotive security and unveil an exciting collaboration with Block Harbor that will reshape the landscape of remote vehicle hacking and pentesting. 

Remote Vehicle Hacking Demo with Block Harbor 

BG Networks, in partnership with Block Harbor, is proud to present a groundbreaking remote car hacking demonstration. Picture this: all the way from Las Vegas, you'll be able to remotely hack a vehicle in Detroit, utilizing Block Harbor's Vehicle Security Engineering Cloud (VSEC) in tandem with BG Networks' revolutionary CRATE™ platform. 

With a standard Linux PC, you'll seamlessly send and receive CAN messages, as if the vehicle was right in front of you. You'll experience the vehicle's responses firsthand, thanks to a live camera feed that transports you to the heart of the action.  

Empowering Education: ECU Hacking Training Demo 

At BG Networks, we're committed to fostering learning and exploration in the realm of automotive security. Join us for a training demo that breaks down the intricate art of hacking an ECU. Even if you're new to Capture the Flags (CTFs) or the world of hacking, this session serves as the perfect stepping stone. You'll gain familiarity, exposure, and foundational knowledge that can propel you toward tackling more advanced challenges in the Car Hacking Village. 

Through a laptop connected to CRATE™, you'll have a chance to interact with multiple diverse ECUs. This immersive experience opens doors to new horizons, making complex concepts accessible and exciting. 

About CRATE™: 

CRATE™, our Collaborative Remote Automated Test Environment, stands as a testament to our commitment to ISO/SAE 21434 security validation and compliance. Designed to empower product security professionals, CRATE™ facilitates secure ECU access from anywhere across the globe. It's your bridge to cutting-edge testing and validation. 

Ready to hack with us ? Come Play Along and experience CRATE in the Car Hacking Village in Las Vegas. 

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