BG Networks Announces Cybersecurity Workshops so IoT Device Manufacturers Can Comply with New Cybersecurity Regulations

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Workshops enable cybersecurity compliance with FDA, Automotive ISO/SAE 21434, EU Cyber Resilience Act and others.

WESTON, Mass.July 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- BG Networks has launched 8 cybersecurity workshops for IoT developers covering major IoT security regulations across multiple industries.  These workshops provide essential information on how to add regulation compliant cybersecurity to IoT devices.

Each workshop covers the fundamentals of IoT security, including hands-on sessions implementing security features.

Choose the workshop for regulations relevant to you. Workshop options include:

  • Automotive Cybersecurity - UN R155/R156 Regulations and ISO/SAE 21434
  • FDA Medical Device Cybersecurity - FDA Regulations and Guidance
  • EU Cyber Resilience Act – For IoT devices that do not have a specific cybersecurity mandate
  • UK Consumer IoT - UK Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Act
  • EU Consumer IoT Security Standard - ETSI EN 303 645
  • EU Radio Interfaces on IoT Devices - EU Radio Equipment Directive (RED)
  • USA NIST IoT Security Core Baseline - NISTIR 8259A
  • Cybersecurity Foundations- general best practices

"These regulations are critical to securing our national infrastructure. Not only in terms of protecting data and finances, but given IoT controls physical systems, to maintain safety and operations," said Colin Duggan, CEO of BG Networks.  "Our workshops allow IoT product companies to quickly come up to speed on cybersecurity and regulations, setting the stage for the most time-efficient path to compliance."

Developers attending the workshops will learn how cybersecurity features and capabilities map to the requirements for their industry.

For cybersecurity topics requiring more in-depth coverage, or not included in our standard training, BG Networks will provide additional, bespoke content, up to half a day's duration, free of charge.

About BG Networks

BG Networks equips embedded engineers with user-friendly software automation tools and services for security hardening, detection, and testing, enabling them to swiftly incorporate customized cybersecurity measures for their devices. By adhering to NIST guidelines and key industry regulations, BG Networks instills confidence in the proper implementation of cybersecurity. Catering to engineers in the automotive, military, medical, and industrial sectors, BG Networks is a pioneer in IoT security automation.

Established in 2020 by Colin DugganRoman Lysecky, and Jerzy Rozenblit, BG Networks is driven by the mission to eliminate obstacles in implementing embedded cybersecurity efficiently, effortlessly, and accurately.

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BG Networks Announces Cybersecurity Workshops so IoT Device Manufacturers Can Comply with New Cybersecurity Regulations (