BG Networks Announces Launch of BGN-SAT Security Automation Tool to Eliminate Barriers to IoT Device Security

Weston, MA – May 10, 2022- BG Networks today announced the release of the BGN-SAT Security Automation Tool.  BGN-SAT is an intuitive GUI-based embedded processor security deployment tool that enables engineers, even those without cybersecurity backgrounds, to implement critical security protocols and functions such as encryption, authentication, and secure software updates quickly and efficiently in their IoT devices.

BGN-SAT, when used in conjunction with BG Networks’ BGN-ESSA open-source security architecture, dramatically reduces the learning curve and implementation time to fully secure connected devices.  Leveraging security features commonly found in today’s embedded processors, such as secure memory, cryptographic accelerators, and secure boot, BGN-SAT takes designers step-by-step through the process of securing their device from the hardware root of trust to a protected and authenticated operating system and IoT application.  BGN-SAT and BGN-ESSA support the complete IoT device lifecycle from design, to secure manufacturing provisioning and key management, to over-the-air (OTA) updates for the device’s lifetime security maintenance.

“Our vision is to enable IoT security everywhere,” says BG Networks’ CEO and Co-founder Colin Duggan.  “We aim to remove obstacles that prevent embedded engineers from including cybersecurity in their applications.  IoT devices often come to market with limited or no cybersecurity due to concerns about time-to-market or feature trade-offs when engineers are faced with the complexity of security implementation,” he states in describing the challenges faced by today’s IoT development teams.  BGN-SAT removes the obstacles of schedule constraints and the need for cybersecurity expertise for embedded engineers to properly secure their designs against a broad range of attacks.

BGN-SAT is available for a free 30-day evaluation.  More information can be found on the BG Networks website at

About BG Networks

BG Networks provides embedded engineers with easy-to-use software tools to quickly implement cybersecurity tailored to their device’s needs.  Based on NIST cybersecurity recommendations, these tools provide confidence that IoT device security has been implemented correctly without requiring cybersecurity expertise.

Founded in 2020 by Colin Duggan, a veteran semiconductor business executive, Roman Lysecky, Professor Emeritus University of Arizona, and Jerzy Rozenblit, Distinguished Professor University of Arizona, with a recent funding round led by Boston Seed Capital with participation from Gutbrain Ventures, PBJ Capital, and Permit Ventures, BG Networks is bringing to market innovative software development tools and technology to address today’s IoT device cybersecurity challenges.

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