BG Networks Announces Launch of AnCyR Anomaly Detection Technology and $4.5M Funding

BG Networks Announces Launch of AnCyRTM Anomaly Detection Technology

$4.5M Funding Secured to Drive Growth in Automotive Cybersecurity

Weston, MA – March 14, 2023- BG Networks today announced the release of the company’s AnCyRTM (Anomaly Detection and Cyber Resilience) host-based software anomaly detection technology.  Patent-pending, AnCyR is the first anomaly detection software optimized for automotive ECU intrusion detection and protection (IDPS) cybersecurity. Based on five years of research at the University of Arizona with support from the National Science Foundation, AnCyR combines statistical, probabilistic, and machine learning algorithms to accurately detect attacks with best-in-class false positives, latency, and overhead.  AnCyR is the only solution with the high performance but low overhead needed to be the front line of monitoring and defense for automotive ECUs.  “Intrusion and Anomaly Detection is required to effectively protect the connected car from cyber criminals.  No solution is complete without the ability to monitor ECUs for a range of attacks including Zero-Days,” says BG Networks CTO and AnCyR co-inventor Roman Lysecky.  “AnCyR will provide this critical front line of defense that allows automotive OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers to instantly respond to cyber-attacks.”

BG Networks also announced seed funding totaling $4.5M led by Boston Seed Capital.  These funds will be used to launch AnCyR and to expand the company’s growth in cybersecurity automation software and services which elevate the security posture of customers’ connected products and accelerate their path to ISO/SAE 21434 and UN R155 compliance.  BG Networks also announced that Ray Stata, a founder of Analog Devices, has joined the company’s investors including Gutbrain Ventures, PBJ Capital, Permit Ventures, Joint Effects, and Sand Hill Angels.  “We are excited to welcome Ray Stata as a new investor and thankful for the shared vision and continued support of all of our investors to address IoT device security.  BG Networks’ solutions address key gaps in the IoT device security landscape and will enable End Point Detection and Response (EDR) in connected vehicles,” stated Colin Duggan, BG Networks CEO.

About BG Networks

BG Networks provides embedded engineers with easy-to-use software automation tools and services to quickly implement cybersecurity tailored to their devices.  Based on NIST recommendations and automotive regulations such as ISO/SAE 21434 and UN R155, BG Networks’ solutions provide confidence that cybersecurity has been implemented correctly.  Supporting engineers in the automotive, military, medical, and industrial markets, BG Networks is the first company focused on IoT security automation.

Founded in 2020 by Colin Duggan, a veteran semiconductor business executive, Roman Lysecky, Professor Emeritus University of Arizona, and Jerzy Rozenblit, Distinguished Professor University of Arizona, BG Networks’ mission is to eliminate all barriers to implementing embedded cybersecurity quickly, easily, and correctly.

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